Sadly I have no longer have the time to maintain an accurate list of fixtures on

I will keep the list of shooting grounds available on the website.

HOWEVER, ScotShoot is designed so that individual clubs can log in and easily add/manage their own shooting dates. You can embed a custom calendar/list/PDF of shoot dates for your club on your own website too – lots of features that aren’t used at present. If this is of interest to anyone please do get in touch as I’d be happy to help facilitate this (it’s free).

Likewise if anyone wants to take over the weekly ‘what’s on this week’ Facebook post (it’s semi-automated and just a copy and paste from ScotShoot) I will happily give them posting rights on this page. started out as a way of coordinating local shoots here in Argyll, and as a way for smaller clubs without an internet presence to be found on Google. I’d like to think ScotShoot still has a role to play in boosting publicity for these community clubs, but there are now many other excellent shooting resources on Facebook that are able to give up more time than I am able to.

Thankyou to everyone who submitted shooting dates over the years.